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Halloween Again!

Well it's that time of year again....spooks and ghouls will soon be amongst us in their frightening appease these restless sp...

Halloween Again!

Friday, August 26, 2016
Well it's that time of year again....spooks and ghouls will soon be amongst us in their frightening appease these restless spirits only one thing has been known to work...CANDY!
If you want your candy to be super good looking you could dip it in gold.....OR you could just head over to my halloween freebie section this year and print these cuties up! A couple of staples and you're done! Presto! Fab looking treats! These are also for sale in my keep this cool secret to yourself! ;)


1...2...3.....there's never time for me! Lol!

Friday, March 25, 2016
I've been busy as usual the past day and thought I'd share some of my new creations with you...

I have been designing some lovely wedding items for a young couple I wanted to share with you...She needed a logo and water bottle wrappers plus they are...

Another lady asked me to make a custom 1950's style invitation for's pretty cool looking! Check it out!

And I recently decided to jump on the planner craze are my first little sticker creations! If you like them be sure to check out my freebies section for my 30 days of Freebies! You might be surprised!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Just thought I'd show you what I've been up to lately...I've been working on a logo and complete rebranding for Tori from the oh so cute Marlee and Kay's Boutique...formerly Gnarly Marlee's...we were both super excited at the logo we jointly came up with....between her ideas, mine and even Marlee and Kay's (her two girls) we made one heck of an awesome Logo! Can't wait to see it all up in her new shop! Here it is.....

To see what Marlee & Kay's Boutique sells, just take a look here:
Marlee & Kay's Boutique

If you'd like your very own adorable logo, just check out my shop!

Calling all Superheroes!

I've just been working on a special request for a customer of mine and I was so happy with how it turned out! I absolutely LOVE the look of this!

Kim, from Kimzcreations had asked me to create some superhero style 2" logo's an announcement sign and a bingo game for a party she has coming up for her boys...I had a couple of ideas in my head to start with but halfway through inspiration struck! I loved the outcome and I know Kim did too! Check out these gorgeous printables! Did you think I had forgotten my freebie today? No way! I HAVE been busy it is a little late! Check it out on my Freebies page! If you liked the items below then you won't want to miss out on today's freebie!

Bingo Cards and Call Cards, this set comes with ten different Bingo Cards

I'm so happy with these I think I will go make an invitation to match! Please let me know what you think! =)

Freebie Time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Ok...So I know I am a bit late again today, but at least I am here....I don't know if the extra work I am putting in is to blame or if it's just a fluke but I have been flat out lately! I really hope it's a permanent thing! =D. Today I thought it might be nice to give you all a freebie for Mother's if you head on over to my freebie page you will see a little something there to help make Mother's Day special. ;) Hope you like it!

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Monday and I hope this week is off to a good start for you!
Make sure if you are feeling a bit under the weather you check out my new Doctor Bag printable freebie on my Freebies page to make you feel better...but you'd better hurry! This cutie is only free until Sunday 3rd of April!

A whole week! I made it!

Sunday, March 20, 2016
So it's been a whole week of freebies and although late once or twice I made it! Only three weeks to go! Be sure to check out my freebies page for today's freebies and be sure to get all of this weeks before I deactivate the links. I can't offer them free forever after all or I will never make any money!
Because it's the first week I will leave them up for another week, but come next Sunday the first week's links will be deactivated and the following Sunday the second week's links will be deactivated and so forth. SO go ahead and grab them now while you can! And if you do...please be sure to leave me a comment.... =)

Have a great week next week...I sure plan to!

Day 7 of 30 Days of Freebies!

Saturday, March 19, 2016
I'll admit it...I am feeling good today! I've had no sleep, but I am back on top of all my work! I am even posting my freebie so early! I am not posting it here today...for that you will have to visit my Freebies section! It occurred to me that it was silly posting it in two locations each day and that also it sort of obscures the posts I write that no one reads! Lol!

Today I posted this adorable invitation to my shop....go check it out! Yes....I am still on some kind of retro roll! I have no idea why?! The strangest thing is I'm into retro that wasn't even around when I was born! It was even retro then! Lol! Strange.....Anyway...there seems to be something about the colouring and design that has me captivated so here it retro circus/carnival ticket invitation!

I am super proud of this one! sure to check my freebies section for todays's a good one! ;)


Day 6 of 30 Days of Freebies!

Friday, March 18, 2016
Here I am...back on track! I am so proud of myself! Almost a week in and I am still going strong despite not a single comment...=( Still...I am hoping in time people will see these posts and maybe leave me a nice comment? *hint, hint, nudge, nudge* ;)

Anyway....I know you don't want to hear my ramblings so here is day 6....


Day 5 of 30 Days of Freebies!

No, no I have not abandoned you! It's a little late, but it's here, and I am working on day 6 now so I won't be late with that one either! =)

Such is the life of a busy Graphic Designer and freebie giver! ;)

Nostalgia kicked in again so here's Snoopy on his little house!


Day 4 of 30 days of freebies!

Hi there, life happened and I was flat out for two days! But I have not forgotten my 30 freebies for 30 days! =)

Although late, here is Day 4!



Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Goodness I've been busy lately! Between rebranding my shop and trying to double my listings by the end of the month I barely have time to stop and breathe....BUT my shop is looking super cool and filling up nicely! =)

Here are some of the things I've been up to in addition to the Freebies!

I've made a new modern and very chic Minnie Mouse Gift/Favour Box and Cupcake Wrappers...

Made a promotional Easter Printable Set for a friend's Blog...thank you Heather!

If you want this kit FREE check out Heather's Blog, OH MY GLITTER and get it there! =)

I also made this ADORABLE little retro 50's diner Gift/ Favour Box...

Isn't it so cute???

Plus I made a Golden Ticket Invitation to go with my Willy Wonka Chocolate Wrapper Freebie...I love this idea so much!

But I am proudest of the adorable Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcake Wrappers and fast and easy to get a sensational looking cake this way! Just ice with the appropriate coloured icing either blue or red, wrap a wrapper around, pop the eyes on a toothpick and slide in....and each little guest will take home their own little muppet cupcake!

Better get some rest so I am not late with tomorrows Freebie too! =)

30 days of freebies day 3

I'm late! The day is nearly over and I'm only just posting this! Sorry....but my day was hectic PLUS I think this one is so cute it is worth the wait!

What little boy out there DOESN'T want an adorable toolbox? Specially if it's filled with goodies or a small gift?

I think there may be a few BIG boys who might like it out there too! ;)

Here it is! Day 3!


30 Days of FREEBIES Day 2

Monday, March 14, 2016
Well, I got a little nostalgic over the past couple of days, hence the themes for the last two freebies...oldies, but goodies I think. Timeless classics...

Here is Day 2 of 30 days of Freebies! A Willy Wonka chocolate wrapper! Retro style! In the old Retro colours.....

Use it with my Golden Ticket Invitation, or simply make your own to pop inside your chocolate bar invitations! =)

Have a great day!


Looking for a Design Team

Hi everyone,

I am looking for volunteers who are willing to receive printables for free in exchange for good quality photos and/or tutorials I can share in my tips and tricks section. Since I moved to the US, I no longer have a printer or a car and it is very hard for me to make up and photograph my printables to promote them.

I am hoping some of you out there might be able to help me. You will get cute printables in exchange for some pics, I will also promote your business on my blog and pop your blog button under my partnership section. You will also get some cute pics to wow your potential customers with! Win win....Cross promotion.... Anyone interested? Please contact me... details are on my contacts page, the tab is above, under my scrolling picture bar.

Thank you!

30 days of FREEBIES!

Sunday, March 13, 2016 an effort to promote my blog I am going to try to post a freebie a day for a month and hope my stats increase. I will TRY to make it one a day, but I can't promise can get so busy at times.

For your part, how can you ensure the freebies keep coming? Easy.....please encourage me by adding a comment if you download a freebie, that's all I ask. And if you can find your way clear to help share my blog and subscribe to it I would really be grateful! is today's freebie, I hope you enjoy.


Please leave me a comment below if you enjoy these!

What? ANOTHER Freebie???

Saturday, March 12, 2016
I know, I know....first I ignore my blog for almost two years then I can seem to get enough of it...what gives? Well....for one this is not a hobby for me anymore but a full-time business, so I need to get serious....but secondly I just like giving stuff away! I know...not very profitable giving stuff away but well....I'm just like that!

So...I have been going crazy making stuff lately and I thought I'd share this with's an adorable little Easter Carrot Treat Box!

Just click on it to download and enjoy!

If you'd like to find out about more freebies then please subscribe to my blog.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016
So....since I have been so awful and absent for so long I decided I had better give whoever might possibly be left a little something for your perseverance! You certainly deserve it!

So....I made these cute little St. Patrick's Day lollipop covers to give away....seriously easy to make up (who has the time to do fancy now...anyone???) nice and inexpensive (specially since the wrapper is free! ;) ) and cute to boot! So here they are! The little St/Pat's Giveaway... AND as an extra BONUS the first ten people who send me a pic of these made up (my email is in the contacts section of this blog) will ALSO get the whole St. Patricks Day Set!


Easter Again! Where did the time go?...

Monday, March 7, 2016
Um....err......yes, so apparently I haven't done anything on my blog in two years?! <hangs head in shame> I HAVE been making stuff, just not putting it on here! There just aren't enough hours in the day.....I am assuming IF (and that is a BIG if) I had any followers at all before, then I certainly must have killed them off now! <sigh!>

Oh well.....I guess I will just start from scratch and hope in time maybe people will come find my blog and I will attempt to update it more frequently....

I have been working on a cute little Easter Egg Hunt Kit for this year....I think it's adorable but I will admit I am biased...

I guess if I want to start having some followers again then I had better sweeten the pot a little so to speak, so.....the first 5 people to comment on here will get this kit absolutely FREE....that's right....FREE! 

Happy Easter! 

Easter time!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Easter time is almost here! So I thought I would include helpful things in my Easter kit! As well as items to decorate, there are items to present your gifts, make for the kids to give at school or to friends, and even items to decorate your own Easter eggs!

I made this set in lovely soft pastels and also made it suitable for those Easter or Easter Birthday parties!

And if you hurry and get it now, you can get it for half price! (Until the end of March only)

This is one of the decorations in the kit! 

The Enchanted Forest Set

I love magical party themes, so when I was asked to do an Enchanted Forest theme, I was so excited!

For me, The Enchanted Forest brings to mind, woods, trees, toadstools, stars and moon clearings and sometimes trees that look a tiny bit spooky!

With all this in mind, I created The Enchanted Forest.....the perfect Party set for a day of wonder and enchantment!

This is the photo invitation for this set.

Unicorns & Fairies Set

This is my best selling set on Etsy! I love this set! It's romantic and soft and feminine, magical and ethereal. It is definitely one of my favourite sets!

Here it is for you to have a peek has so many cute items in it!

And this is the alternate invitation...

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