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Easter Again! Where did the time go?...

Monday, March 7, 2016
Um....err......yes, so apparently I haven't done anything on my blog in two years?! <hangs head in shame> I HAVE been making stuff, just not putting it on here! There just aren't enough hours in the day.....I am assuming IF (and that is a BIG if) I had any followers at all before, then I certainly must have killed them off now! <sigh!>

Oh well.....I guess I will just start from scratch and hope in time maybe people will come find my blog and I will attempt to update it more frequently....

I have been working on a cute little Easter Egg Hunt Kit for this year....I think it's adorable but I will admit I am biased...

I guess if I want to start having some followers again then I had better sweeten the pot a little so to speak, so.....the first 5 people to comment on here will get this kit absolutely FREE....that's right....FREE! 

Happy Easter! 

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