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Halloween Again!

Well it's that time of year again....spooks and ghouls will soon be amongst us in their frightening appease these restless sp...


Happy Haunting! It's Halloween Freebie Time!

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to prepare than these cute free little bag toppers? It doesn't get better than free right? So head over to my front page or scroll down here on the right to click on the free link that takes you to these little beauties! Clicking on them here will take you to my shop to buy them. ;) 
Eat, Drink and be Scary my friends! 

Day 14 & 15 of 30 Days of Freebies

Please bear with me whilst I move house! Don't give up on me! I promise I will be back with these!  

Day 13 of 30 Days of Freebies

You can't say I don't cover all my bases! Today I have made something for all you planners out there! These little stickers are sure to help you to remember to do your shopping with a smile! 
These come in a 5"x7" and an 8.5"x11" sheet so you can choose how many you print. I also have the files in .PDF and .JPEG formats so you can create cutting lines on your Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine. =) I hope you like them...


Day 12 of 30 Days of Freebies

Today I thought I'd make something just a little different...for all you soap and beauty product makers out there! In my retro groove still so they look vintage and have that old world charm to them. 

I made these soap bands to wrap around your homemade bars and left two little scrolls empty so you can write in your scent and weight or any other info you like. Once wrapped the banners with that info will wrap around the sides and back of the soap with the crest square in the middle. 

These aren't editable because of the text warping but I have made them pretty generic for anyone to use, however I can customise them and I do have these in my shop. I sell these or custom make any design you might want for your packaging needs and can customise font, text, colour and style as needed. 

In the meantime...if you are just getting started and want a stylish way to present your handmade soaps as gifts or saleable goods, or just to keep them nice for yourself and write in the date they were made or the scent, then simply wrap your soap in white baking paper (and if you have an embosser you go ahead and run your baking paper through it with a nice pattern!) and wrap this little band around...write in your scent and weight or any other info you want and it's ready! The look really cute! I promise! ;)

P.S. Le Savon is French for "The Soap"...why does everything sound better in French?


Day 11 of 30 Days of Freebies!

I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have purchased my products! It is a big blessing to me at a very difficult time and I am so grateful! Thank you so much!

Today I found it so hard to try to figure out what to make! I would really appreciate some input...some encouragement and most of all some ideas...please comment and let me know your thoughts! 

I had so much fun with the cartoon themed items I made for Kim that I thought I would share the are some cute little comic book chocolate bar wrappers...designed to make your hershey look like a cool comic book! Hope you like them! 


Day 10 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

Hey! So I'm doing really well at the moment! 10 days down! I am a third of the way there and still going! Thank you so much to all of you still with me who come to visit my blog and please keep coming! Today I have a little something to help make Mother's Day a little more special. Put a small gift in it or some nice chocolates...Mom is sure to love the fact that you took the time to make this for her too! 
So here it is! Print these on card stock and be sure to score to get a lovely professional finish! 


Day 9 of 30 Days of Freebies!

Flat out busy today trying to get everything done! So today's freebie is simple yet cute....have you got a budding little doctor in the house? Well if so they are in luck! Today's freebie is a little doctor bag for them to play with....perfect for little treats, candy, or paper cut out doctor instruments! And they are so easy to get scissors and glue and get making now! 


Day 8 of 30 Days of Freebies!  

Well! I have made it one week and am starting the second! I am so proud of myself given I am packing to move (again!) and am flat out busy with work etc. 
Still immersed completely in nostalgia so today's freebie is one of my all time favourites from Dr Seuss! Please always remember that all my items are for PERSONAL USE only and not to be shared, distributed or mass produced. I do not claim any right to some of the images I use (I make most all of my own) I do claim copyrights to any images I myself create. Thank you for keeping this in mind. 
So here it is....bound to be a favourite with little ones everywhere!
The idea is you ice a cupcake just plain white and top it with a hat on a the cupcakes will look like the cat in the hat. =) If you want to be REALLY creative, get a toothpick and run it through black food colouring and just drag through the icing in places to make "hair". Enjoy!  


Day 7 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

So...I'm not sure if I am channeling Marilyn Monroe or what, but I seem to be irrevocably stuck on retro currently! I can't seem to get enough! And as if that's not strange enough....I have never really LIKED retro before?!?! Still.....I am having fun doing it and people seem to love this stuff so I guess it's all good! =D 

If you haven't checked it out yet, you really need to have a look at my home page...I have made the cutest little Circus/Carnival Ticket invitations! And I have moved my Freebie posting away from my home page because I want to have somewhere to chat and there's no point in having the same freebies in two places! 

So's freebie was inspired by some antique canisters I saw online and my desire to make a set of canisters for myself to put coffee, tea, sugar and drinking chocolate in....this is an adorable gift by the way! All you need are some unusual containers...preferably tins with lids...mine were empty specialty tea I'll show you! These were free on account of they came with my tea in it and I drank it! But I got a little fed up with the plain ugly containers I have for everything and nothing I decided to make these labels....being a digital girl of course they are the hero...I plan to print them on sticker paper, paint the cans a mottled brown colour (sounds icky but it will look vintage or else!) stick the labels on and then coat with a decoupage medium to seal it and protect from moisture etc. I wouldn't recommend washing them or anything, but they should be fine for storage...and my thinking is...if they get ruined I'll just print another set and make them again! Lol! on the lookout for cute tins and be sure to tell your friends to keep them for you....make these for yourself and then make them for friends as gifts! They will thank you I'm sure...specially if they come profiled with yummy coffee and tea and chocolate! 

If you actually read this before just grabbing the freebie, then I thank you. I hope I was able to inspire you and I will post mine when I get them finished! 

For now...see what you can do! 


Day 6 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

Back on track! Although I am a little late in the day it's not midnight and it's still the right day so I figure I am good! =) 

I can't seem to get enough of retro I wondered what popcorn boxes looked like way back in the 50's...turns out they looked quite different! So here it is!


Day 5 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

Although late, here it is and I think you will love this little Snoopy gift/treat/favour box! Hope you like it! =)


Day 4 of 30 Days of Freebies!  

Yeah...I thought I was late last time! Sheesh! I am sorry...I do try to get these up here on time....but paid work has to take a front seat so I can feed myself! Lol! 

Although 2 days late, here is day 4, day 5 is getting posted next and Day 6 will hopefully be on time and back on track! =) 

I thought since Spring has sprung these little seed packets might be helpful to all you gardeners out there...but don't limit yourself! Pop in confetti or glitter for a special fairy treat for a party...;)


Day 3 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

So even though I'm super late I think you might forgive me when you see this little freebie! It's just so darned cute! For you Boy Mommies out there...this one's for you! Every little boy will love this cute favour / gift box....specially if you fill it with something nice! If you download this...PLEASE, please leave a comment! Thank you! =)


Day 2 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

How cute is this utterly Retro yet oh so timeless Willy Wonka chocolate Bar Wrapper? It's just adorable! And perfect as a party invitation! Use it with my golden ticket, or simply make your own for an unforgettable birthday invitation.


Day 1 of 30 Days of Freebies! 

In keeping with my 30 FREEBIES for 30 days Blog giveaway, here is my latest Alice In Wonderland inspired cupcake wrapper and topper set. These would look SO cute with plain white iced cupcakes!

Please comment below if you download these. =)


Can't help myself! Made these cute little carrot treat boxes for Easter and I had to share!
Hope you like it! Just click on it to download and be sure NOT to click right in the middle or it will take you to Pinterest.....well...not unless you WANT to pin it that is! ;)


Just finished making these adorable lollipop wrappers for St. Pat's Day! I thought I'd share it with all you leprechaun lovers out there! Get it now while you can! =)

**Lollipops NOT included in download! Lol! ;)


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Want something green for St. Pats? Look no further! Below you will find a link to our St. Patrick's Day Freebie....if you really like it you can get the whole set HERE.

Happy Valentines Day!

In preparation for the International Day of Love, I am giving away this cute freebie! All you need to do is "Like" my Facebook page and share it to download the files! That's it! It's that easy! So if you'd like this cute set for your kids class treats, just click on the pic to take you to my FB page to get it!

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